10 Christmas life hacks you need to know

Santa Claus running with a sack of presents | Christmas hacks | Tesco Living

Discover brilliant festive tips, tricks and ideas to help make Christmas extra easy.


1. How to hang a Christmas wreath without nails

Avoid putting a hole in your front door with this brilliant Christmas decoration hack.

Discover how to hang a Christmas wreath with no nails

2. How to store Christmas lights tangle-free

Want to know the secret to tangle-free fairy lights?

Find out how to store Christmas lights the smart way

3. How to make your own Christmas cards

Leftover yarn, spare buttons and even doilies can be used to make your own Christmas cards:

Learn how to make a snowman button Christmas card
Discover how to make a Santa Claus card with a doily
Find out how to make a sewed Christmas tree card

Button snowman building on a card | Snowman Christmas card | Tesco Living


4. How to store wrapping paper the smart way

Protect leftover Christmas wrapping paper from rips and scuffed edges with this clever toilet/kitchen roll tube hack.

See how to store gift wrap and discover other time-saving tips

5. How to impress with DIY Christmas gift tags

Learn how to make reindeer gift tags with this easy step-by-step tutorial
Find more gift tag inspiration here

6. How to wrap Christmas presents in a flash

Run out of wrapping paper or short on time? Get creative and try some alternative wrapping ideas.

Discover last-minute gift wrap ideas
See our time-saving Christmas gift wrapping ideas
Try these easy DIY wrapping paper ideas

Presents wrapped in newspaper | Christmas Eve tasks | Tesco Living Wrapped Christmas presents on a sofa | Christmas Eve tasks | Tesco Living


7. How to peel potatoes quickly

This super quick potato-peeling tip will change the way you prepare spuds forever.

Discover how to peel potatoes fast, plus more roast dinner hacks

8. How to chill your drink, fast

If you’ve forgotten to put your drinks in the fridge, this genius hack will chill room-temperature drinks in under five minutes, and it’ll keep them colder for longer.

Beer, wine and soft drinks | How to chill drinks in 5 minutes | Tesco Living


9. How to upcycle jewellery

There’s no need to fork out for new jewellery to match your Christmas party outfit. Give your old statement necklaces a new life using nail polish.

Discover how to upcycle jewellery

10. How to make DIY glitter heels

Jazz up an old pair of shoes into a statement sparkly pair. Coat the heels in clear glue then coat with a sprinkling of glitter.

Find out how to update more Christmas party outfits

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