5 easy ways to encourage your kids to do chores

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Motivate the kids to help around the house with these tips from parenting expert, Sarah Ockwell-Smith.

1. Give each child their own task

“Children like ownership and trust, so assign your child a special chore that is just for them, for instance emptying the dishwasher, putting the bins out or dusting the living room,” suggests Sarah.

2. Make it a challenge

“Don't be afraid to let your children do things that you feel are complicated, so long as they are age appropriate – children like challenges,” encourages Sarah. “For instance, most seven-year-olds are perfectly capable of sorting the laundry, adding detergent and starting the washing machine.”

3. Ditch the bribes

“Never reward your children with food or money for doing chores, it’s counterproductive,” warns Sarah.

“Chores are a normal part of daily life and an important feature of living as a family. Rewarding your kids for helping around the house makes chores seem like something they don't have to do, or should only do if they get a treat, so in future they’ll only do them if a reward is on offer, and not out of habit.”

4. Make doing the chores fun

Music can make even the dullest tasks enjoyable. “Set aside a couple of hours every week for family housework time, then turn the radio up loud and get everyone involved, making the session productive and fun,” Sarah suggests. Or compile a family Spotify playlist, featuring a few of everyone’s favourite tunes.

5. Plan something fun afterwards

“Once the time is up, do something fun as a family,” says Sarah. That could be going for a bike ride, playing in the garden or watching a DVD.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith is the founder of gentleparenting.co.uk

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