Halloween decoration ideas you can make at home

Mantle piece with Halloween decorations | Halloween decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Spook up the house for Halloween with these easy recycled craft ideas.

DIY spider webs

Turn black bin liners into decorative webs you can stick to walls or your front door. The stronger the bag, the darker the web and it’ll be less likely to tear, too.

Download the spider web how-to guide

Bin liners cut into spider web shapes | Halloween decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Pumpkin tin lanterns

These reusable lanterns mean you don’t have to bother buying a real pumpkin every year.

  • Fill empty cans with water and freeze – this will prevent the tin from buckling when you pierce holes.
  • Draw on a scary face with a pen
  • Following the lines, pierce holes into the can using a hammer and nail – make sure an adult does this task.
  • Once the ice has melted, paint the cans orange and colour the features in black
  • Add a tea light candle and let them flicker outside your home
Halloween tin can lanterns | DIY Halloween decorations made from recyclables | Tesco Living

Blood dripping candles

Light a red candle and as the red wax melts, carefully pour it onto the top of a white pillar candle so it drips down the sides to resemble blood.

White candles with red dripping wax | Easy homemade Halloween decorations | Tesco Living

Hanging vampire bats

Black pipe cleaners and a few toilet roll tubes are all you need to create these cute bats. Follow the instructions and get a free template to help you.

Hanging bats made from toilet roll tubes | Halloween decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Ghost lights

Put some old fairy lights to good use and create some effective bunting – just add our printable ghosts, poking the light bulbs through the eyes.

Download the ghost bunting template

Paper ghosts attached to fairy lights | Halloween decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Spooky Halloween eyes

  • Draw scary eye shapes on to toilet paper cardboard rolls
  • Cut out using a craft knife
  • Wrap a glow stick in coloured tissue paper and put it inside the roll
  • Cover the ends with strong tape
  • Place them around the garden to give your guests a fright
Colourful eyes glowing in the dark | Halloween decorations to make at home | Tesco Living

5. Ghost bunting

Make the most of those autumn leaves littering your garden by transforming them into Halloween bunting.

  • Paint the leaves white
  • Draw little ghostly features in black pen
  • Finish up by hanging them from twine using mini clothes pegs
Ghost faces on autumn leaves | Halloween decorations to make at home | Tesco Living

Wall of bats

Easily convert a plain wall into a sinister focal point by sticking on a collection of bats made from black card.

Download our bats template printable to get started

Paper bat shapes on a wall | Halloween decoration ideas | Tesco Living

7. Mason jar mummies

Mummify empty jam jars by wrapping them in layers of masking tape to create a bandage effect. Stick on googly eyes and add an electric tea light to display.

See more clever ways with Mason jars

Jars wrapped in bandages with eyes | Halloween decorations to make at home | Tesco Living

8. Recycled egg box bat

Create some creepy, crafty hanging bats using a recycled egg carton.

See the full egg box bat instructions here

Egg boxes with googly eyes | How to make an egg box bat | Tesco Living

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