10 hotel room hacks to improve your holiday

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It’s your home for the next few days, so make the most of it with our helpful holiday hacks.

1. Remove creases

Hang creased clothes in the bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower or give them a quick blast with a hairdryer and the creases will fall out like magic. No iron required.

2. Hang in there

If you’ve got an annoying gap between your curtains that lets in sunlight, use a clothing hanger with clips to seal it completely closed and enjoy longer lie-ins.

3. Scent booster

Pop any free scented soaps you’re not using into drawers with your clothes when you unpack and they’ll act as a natural freshener.

4. Brush up

Take a clothes peg or a kitchen clip away with you to use as a makeshift toothbrush holder.

5. Shine shoes

Scuffed shoes for a night out can get the shoe shine treatment with some of that free body lotion and a piece of cotton wool.

6. Shower cap hack

If you order hotel room service, place a shower cap over any leftovers before you put them in the mini bar fridge. You’ll have fresher food for longer – perfect for midnight snacking.

7. Charge up

If you've run out of plug sockets, charge your phone using the built-in USB port that your TV will almost certainly have.

8. Air freshener

Make your room smell sweeter by taping a dryer sheet to the air con unit, then switch on.

9. Battery boost

Prolong the life of your rechargeable batteries by putting them in your hotel room fridge, sealed in a plastic bag for protection. Leave them there as long as possible.

10. Be cunning with air con

Replace your key card with a business card in the key cardholder when you leave and the air con will stay on, so you can keep cool after a day in the sun.

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