Simple money-saving tips for wedding guests

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Their big day doesn’t have to cost you big bucks - here’s how to do it on a budget

Save on wedding gifts

You snooze, you lose: As soon as the happy couple reveal their wedding gift list, get straight on it and buy ASAP. You can snap up the cheapest items on the list (before everyone else) and save a pretty penny.

Compare prices: If you do get to the list late or need to wait for payday, see if you can find cheaper alternatives to items listed. Most are just ideas so you can often find something similar elsewhere for less money and then just cross it off the main list.

Signed, sealed, delivered: If the shop offers to send direct to the couple for no added cost, do it. It will save you money as well as the effort of wrapping and carrying the toaster or hand-carved giraffe they’ve requested.

Save on accommodation

Back to Uni: Most universities rent out their empty student halls over the summer on a B&B basis for next to nothing.

Stay local: Forgo the list of recommended hotels for local guesthouses (usually cheaper) or try websites like Airbnb for local lets.

Group together: Renting a cottage or apartment as a group and splitting the cost is great for saving a few quid.

Save on travel

Petrol money: If you know other people who are heading off from your neck of the woods, jump in the same car and split the petrol – and the driving, it’s only fair.

Train tickets: Get the best deal on train tickets by booking them well in advance. You can also try using the Tickety Split tool to see if you can save by splitting your train journey into parts.

Save on wedding outfits

Upcycle your outfit: Make the most of a suit or dress by upcycling or altering it to freshen the look. Here are some great ideas for upcycling a wedding outfit.

Day to night: Take a change of shoes and a shirt or jacket to easily turn your daywear into evening wear without needing a whole new outfit.

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