Smart kitchen storage ideas you need to know

Clothes hanger recipe book holder | Easy DIY cookbook holder | Tesco Living

Restore a little order with these clever and inexpensive kitchen storage ideas.

Use clippy trouser hangers

Use the clippy part to seal open food packets and keep the contents fresh; they're much stronger than most other kitchen clips. They also work brilliantly as recipe book holders, leaving you more kitchen worktop when cooking.

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Pop bottle storage

Use a dry plastic funnel to pour rice and other grains into clean empty water bottles or jam jars. They're much easier to store than packets, look nicer, and you can pour out just the amount you need when cooking.

Make magnetic pegs

Make your fridge door work that little bit harder. Turn wooden utility pegs into magnets by sticking self-adhesive magnetic strips to the back (cut them to size if you need to) and decorate the front of the peg with washi tape and stick to the fridge. Perfect for storing notes, to-do lists and new recipes to try.

Magnetic wooden pegs holding memos on fridge | Kitchen storage hacks | Tesco Living

Velcro tea towels

Keep a tea towel from slipping off your oven door by turning it into a loop by attaching Velcro strips at both ends. Simply stitch in place or use iron-on strips.

Over-the-door shoe storage

Store cleaning products or small loose packets in a hanging shoe organiser – just cut to size. It’s also handy for planting herbs.

Create hanging space

Towel rails and curtain rods are space-saving saviours. Attach one under the sink to hang sprays and cleaning products, or as an easy dispenser for bin bags and kitchen roll.

Repurpose a CD rack

Have you finally got around to ditching the CDs? Well, don’t throw away your CD rack just yet, you can use it to store plastic container lids so you’ll actually be able to find one that matches your box when you need to store your leftover lasagne.

Cupcake case storage

Mason jars are the perfect fit for cupcake cases and keep them tidy. Show off this genius hack (and your love of baking) by displaying on a kitchen worktop or shelf.

Cupcake cases in a Mason jar | Kitchen storage hacks | Tesco Living

Easy access spice box

See all your spices at once and keep them tidy in the cupboard by storing in a large tray or container. Just pull the whole box out when you need it.

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Hanging basket storage

Store potatoes, onions and garlic in pretty hanging baskets at the end of a kitchen counter – simply attach with a couple of screws.

Upscale mug holders

Refresh an old mug tree with a lick of paint, and reinvent it as a hanging station for rubber bands, kitchen scissors and other utensils.

Cookie cutter tower

Kitchen roll dispensers make ideal stacking bases for cookie cutters so they won’t clog up your cutlery drawer.

Cookie cutters on kitchen roll dispenser | Cookie cutters storage hack | Tesco Living

Organiser for dishes

Reclaim the office desk organiser for the kitchen. It’s just the right shape for storing baking trays and chopping boards upright to save space.

Declutter the corner cupboard

The dreaded corner cupboard is the bane of our life. So hang hooks from the top and pop a lazy Susan in the base – making saucepans easy to find when needed.

Use magazine files

Store upright on shelves to hold tall items such as spaghetti or you can fix to the inside of a cupboard door for easy access to clingfilm, tin foil and baking paper.

Use Command Strips (normally used for hanging pictures) which can be removed easily without damaging the surface – particularly useful if you’re renting and can’t make holes.

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