13 storage ideas for spices

Tiny kitchen? Store herbs and spices the clever way with our space-saving tips.

1. Spice drawer

We all tend to store our herbs and spices in the cupboard but they’re so much easier to see if they’re kept in a drawer. Label the lids clearly to quickly find your ingredients or if you have a shallow drawer, lie the jars flat with the labels facing upwards.

Download and print spice jar labels

2. Magnetic storage

Stash your spices on the side of the fridge by supergluing a small, strong magnet to the base of decorative jars. Label the lids so you can differentiate your cloves from your coriander with ease.

If you don’t have room on the side of your fridge, use a magnetic white board and attach it to the inside of a cupboard door.

3. Filing system

If you’re really short on kitchen cupboard space, try using resealable sandwich bags. Scribble the contents on the outside with a marker pen and store them stacked upright in an airtight container.

4. Tic Tac boxes

Reuse these narrow little boxes to store your dried herbs and spices. They’re ideal if you only need a sprinkle, or for taking on family picnics and camping trips.

Peel off the Tic Tac labels – use a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover to take off any glue residue – then rinse. Create new labels using blackboard stickers or black paper and cut to size.

Table with spices in tic tac boxes | Storage hacks for spices | Tesco Living

5. Store under shelves or cupboards

Glue or nail the lids of screw-top jars to the underside of a kitchen cabinet or shelf. You can re-use any store-bought glass jars, as long as they have a twist-on lid. It’s a clever space-saving solution that won’t clutter up your kitchen cupboards.

6. Cupboard declutter

An easy time-saving trick is to pop all your jars into a large container or tray so you can pull them all out in one go rather than having to rummage around for the oregano when creating your famous Bolognese.

Plastic fruit punnets or vintage boxes work, too. This idea works best if you label the top of lids and store in floor cupboards – that way you can quickly find which spice you need.

7. Mop holder

You know those clips that clasp your mop and broom on the wall? They’re just about right for holding spice jars, too. Just fix a few to the inside of a cupboard door and store your most frequently used herbs and spices there.

8. Feature wall

If you’ve got shelf space, consider making a feature of your spices. Clean out old jars or baby food pots, paint the lids and add a label.

Assorted labelled spice jars on a shelf | Storage ideas for spices | Tesco Living

9. Make your own curry spice mix

Mix together the spices you need for a curry – usually made up of turmeric, chilli powder, ground cumin and ground coriander – and store in a single jar. It’ll save you searching and measuring lots different spices, and will cut down cooking time.

10. Shoe holder

For larger packets (or if you’re buying in bulk to save a few pennies) try hanging an over-the-door shoe holder as spice storage inside your cupboard to avoid taking up all-important shelf space.

11. Freeze spices for freshness

If you do buy in bulk and know you aren’t going to need to replenish your pots any time soon, seal your spices in re-sealable bags and stash in the back of your freezer until you need to top up.

12. Attach spice racks against a blackboard wall

Make a simple spice rack look more interesting by wall-mounting it against a blackboard wall in your kitchen. Use a chalk pen to write the name above each jar to label and organise your different herbs and spices.

13. Screw box

Pop down to your local hardware shop and pick up an inexpensive sealable screw organiser box (looks a bit like a toolbox). The compartments are just right for keeping spices separate – simply seal each spice in sandwich bags for freshness.

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