10 ways to save money at Wimbledon

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From cheap Centre Court tickets to trusty picnic hacks – this is Wimbledon on a budget.

Wimbledon tickets

We’re guessing you’re not one of the lucky ballot winners which means it’s off to the queue.

1. While queuing might seem like a chore, you can bag loads of freebies while you’re standing there. Our advice, take the free water and give the inflatable Boris Becker a miss.

2. Ground passes are your goal ­– they give you access inside and to standing room on courts 3-19 from £5-£25 depending on the day. Go after 5pm for even cheaper entry, but remember all tickets are strictly cash only.

3. Once inside, head to the re-sale kiosk at 3pm for your chance to get tickets to the main courts that have been returned or for empty seats of those gone home.


Comfort is your key priority for lasting the day whatever the weather.

4. More than likely you’ll head for Henman Hill. Spread a picnic blanket out to mark your territory (it can double as an actual blanket in chillier moments). Save a pretty penny on cushion rental fees by taking your own – a inflatable one will save space.

5. Expect all four seasons in one day. Prep with sunglasses, sun hat, poncho, a warm layer, sun cream and an umbrella ­– handy come rain or shine.

Spectators at Wimbledon watching a game on Henman hill punnets of strawberries


One surefire way to save money is to take your own picnic. Everyone is allowed a soft bag no bigger than 40x30x30cm.

6. Avoid a soggy sarnie; take all the individual bits and make them when you get there. It’ll pass time between boring sets and they’ll be fresh. Don’t forget wet wipes to clean your hands and mop up any spills.

7. Save money and bring your own strawberries. Pack them in a rigid container lined with a piece of kitchen roll (It’ll absorb excess moisture) and pack the box next to an icepack to keep cool.

8. You can’t have strawberries without cream so pack a can of squirty stuff next to the icepack in your bag or freeze double cream the night before – it’ll be defrosted when you’re ready to serve.

9. Don’t think you need to take loads of water either. Just take one bottle and refill it at the many drinking fountains dotted around the courts.

10. What’s Wimbledon without a little tipple? You’re allowed to take one bottle of wine in per person but make sure it’s a screw cap as security might confiscate your corkscrew!

Wimbledon image (left): Rex/Heathcliff O'Malley

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