Time-saving tips to achieve a work-life balance

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From smart to-do lists to proper R & R, here’s how to get everything done with time to spare

Be realistic

Make a list of what you actually did within a specific time, say a day, it will help you understand what you can achieve .Base the next to-do list on this research and take one or two things off and replace them with relaxation time.

Focus on the goals

When we focus on our goals it helps us stay motivated and avoid procrastinating – a huge time waster!

Prioritise tasks

Label each task using the A,B,C system. A is high priority, B is important but can wait, and C means you can delay the task or delegate the task to someone else.

Tackle one thing at a time

Multi-tasking isn’t always the answer to saving time, it means you’re dividing your attention on several tasks and possibly not doing any of them thoroughly, or taking too long on the whole project. Instead, tackle one task at a time to focus your attention and give yourself a realistic deadline.

Stop scrolling!

Scrolling through posts on social media can easily suck up hours of time without you even realising. To save time online, give yourself a specific amount of time on the web.

Be strict with home-working

Even the most organised probably take work home from time to time, but the secret to stopping it eating into your home life is to ensure the tasks you’re taking home are finite, for example, reading a report, checking through a specific email thread, etc.

Set a switch off time in the evening

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to switch off and relax, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, it can help you get a better night’s sleep too.

Schedule me-time

Where does the week go? It’s easy to get swept up in tasks and then flop in front of the telly. But being smarter with your time, such as scheduling relaxation in your lunch break is an easy way to get some me-time.

Sleep deeply

Something many of us dream of – excuse the pun – a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep can lead to a day of procrastination. The trick to getting a better night’s sleep is to spend 30 minutes before bed relaxing. Whether that’s reading, doing the washing up or just preparing for bed.

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