How to pack a light picnic hamper

Picnic hamper in a field

Take the effort out of alfresco dining with these clever hacks to help you pack a light picnic hamper.

Tea towel picnic bag

A cleverly folded tea towel can become a carrier for a sandwich and a drink – and you can use it to sit on or wipe your hands.

DIY bowl for snacks

Forget packing big sharing bowls – open a family-sized bag of snacks and push the bag up from the bottom to create a bowl. The snacks will also be at the top of the packet so they're easy to reach.

Crisp packet turned into a bowl | Pack a light picnic hamper | Tesco Living

Take dental floss

Mint-free floss makes a very neat cake slicer – so there's no need to bring sharp knives to the picnic.

Use frozen berries as cool packs

Swap heavy bags of ice for packs of frozen grapes and summer berries. They’ll keep the food chilled and you can add them to water or wine for a fruity twist.

Takeaway salt & pepper

Leave bulky salt, pepper and spice containers at home and decant into a few Tic Tac containers instead.

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Table with spices in tic tac boxes | Storage hacks for spices | Tesco Living

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