5 frozen food swaps you need to know

Bowl of frozen peas | Frozen food swaps to save time and money | Tesco Living

Shop smart and save money by swapping these fresh foods to frozen

1. Vegetables

While some veggies like carrots and onions are best left fresh, others such as peas, French beans, sweetcorn and spinach are perfect for freezing.

Big bags of these greens cost as little as £1 and last much longer in the freezer than if you buy fresh, retaining their nutrients.

2. Fruit

Enjoy out-of-season produce all year round and for a fraction of the cost by buying frozen. Try blitzing up frozen summer fruits straight from the freezer for an ice-cold smoothie.

3. Beef mince

Meat is always one of the more expensive buys when you shop for groceries, so why not save some cash by opting for frozen?

Instead of freezing fresh mince as soon as you buy it, choose a bag of the frozen stuff and spend less. Use exactly the amount you need, and then pop it back in the freezer for future meals. Why not have a look over our full list of foods you can freeze? There's a few surprises in there.

4. Fish

For pies, stews or anything with a sauce, frozen fish is best. It’s much cheaper and perfect for busy people, as it can be cooked straight from the freezer.

Bear in mind that if you plan on roasting, frying or steaming, you’re better off with fresh.

5. Pastry

Homemade is one of the biggest faffs in the baking book. Leave ready-made frozen pastry at room temperature for an hour and a half and it’ll be ready to use, speeding up your pies, tarts and delicate desserts every time.

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