Easy autumn craft ideas for kids

Child making potato prints | Autumn craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Keep the kids busy on chilly autumn days with these simple autumn-themed craft activities.

Print with potatoes

All you need are a few spuds, a knife, some paints and paper.

  • Halve each potato and use a knife to carve a leaf shape into each side using a leaf as a template (best left to adults)
  • Dip them in autumnal-coloured paints
  • Print leafy designs onto cards, gift labels and wrapping paper

Create a leaf mobile

  • Cut leaf shapes out of colourful felt
  • Sew them together with simple stitches using a single piece of thread (best left to adults)
  • Tie a few of these leaf garlands to a stick
  • Attach some ribbon and hang it from your door, wall or ceiling
Colourful leaves made of felt | Autumn crafts for kids | Tesco Living

Craft toilet roll owls

  • Fold the top of a loo roll into owl-like ears
  • Paint the tubes in bright colours
  • Stick on button eyes and cut a triangle from yellow craft tape or a sticky note to make a beak.
  • Hang the feathery friends from a decorative mobile or let them perch on a shelf
Toilet roll tubes shaped into owls | Autumn crafts for kids | Tesco Living

Make finger foxes

  • Begin with a six-inch square of orange felt and fold it in half
  • Fold the right side over to the left, then cross the left side over to the right to create a cone shape
  • Flip over and tuck the top pieces into the closest fold
  • Flip once more to find the front of your fox
  • Now sew along the open side and along the top of the back to hold down the folded flaps
  • Decorate with button eyes and a triangle of felt for the nose
Felt foxes with button eyes | Autumn craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

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