5 easy Easter egg hunt ideas

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Hunting for hidden eggs is one of the highlights of Easter. Make it extra fun with these quick and easy ideas.

Make egg-shaped clue cards

Upscale your Easter egg hunt and make egg-shaped clue cards with fun riddles leading to each egg. This will save your kids from running around and upturning every pot in the garden.

Make colourful eggs with food colouring

Hard boil some eggs, then submerge each egg for 10 minutes in a mixture of 20 drops of food colouring, two tablespoons of vinegar and 250ml of water. Take the egg out and once dry, pat with kitchen paper before decorating with fun stickers.

Cover with cling film – so the food colouring doesn’t stain any surfaces, and hide them around the house, but keep out of the way of pets.

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Draw a map

If your egg hunt is taking place in a large space, create a simple map to help the kids track down their eggs more easily. You could also bury a few eggs for the kids to dig up for a fun treasure hunt spin.

Leave Easter bunny footprints

Create cute Easter Bunny footprints out of paper or felt that lead to each egg. It might be a bit easy for older kids, so why not try our easy-to-make bunny boxes instead.

Alternative prizes

There’s already so much chocolate around at Easter, so why not give your young hunters something different and exciting as a prize for the egg hunt?

A colouring book or a small toy are some examples that are more likely to keep kids busy throughout the Easter holidays than a chocolate egg.

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