5 free fitness apps to get you moving

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Forget costly gym memberships and get fit for free with these top apps

We teamed up with Michelle from The Purple Pumpkin Blog who put a few of these fitness apps to the test. Discover what she had to say.

1. Map My Walk – good for daily walking

This app tracks your walking progress and links to Facebook, which Michelle said helped spur her on: “I shared my walking progress on Facebook with a select group of friends. They supported my walking journeys with lots of likes and comments, so it really helped to keep me motivated”. Available on iOS and Android.

2. 30 Day Ab Challenge – great for toning

Choose your fitness level and work your way through the month, ticking the days off as you go along to help build your confidence and tone up.

“It was hugely satisfying ticking the days off and it helped to motivate me, especially in the final week,” said Michelle.

Michelle tried the beginner level: “There were four different exercises with reps for each one that increased each day. I tried sit ups, crunches, leg raises, and planks – so it felt like a good workout – especially when the reps increased over time.”

Get it now on iOS and Android.

3. GymPact – hits you where it hurts!

Sign up and this app will take a small cash sacrifice from you if you miss a workout. And if you complete your workout you’ll receive a cash reward instead, funded by people who missed theirs.

The app keeps you honest by tracking your movements and activity level by syncing with the RunKeeper or MapMyFitness apps. Get it now on iOS and Android.

4. RunKeeper – helpful for regular runners

Go for a run and this app will monitor you in real time, updating you as you move, on your distance, pace, calorie count, and speed. You can also check your progress using the history feature, which shows you just how far you’ve come since the beginning. Available on iOS and Android.

5. 7 Minute Workout – perfect if you’re short on time

Using your own body weight, a chair or wall, this app needs no fitness equipment and takes just seven minutes a day.

“It's amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time, said Michelle. “I built up a sweat and was out of breath, so definitely worked hard.”

You can compete against yourself by making sure you don’t miss any days – if you miss three days in a month, your progress resets itself to zero and you have to start all over again. Available on iOS and Android.

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6. NHS Couch To 5K – the one for beginners

Aim to complete a 5K run in 30 minutes with this app, which guides you through three running sessions each week for nine weeks.

The app comes with complementary strength workout programmes to complete in your rest days, as well as downloadable podcasts to make your runs more interesting. Get it on iOS and Android.

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