5 stress-busting back to school tips

Beat the school rush and get the kids ready for their first day back with these smart planning tips.

1. Walk the school route

If your kids are walking to school alone for the first time, make the experience less scary by doing a test run. Point out landmarks and highlight busy street crossings. Then make a map together when you get home to make sure you’ve both got the route sussed.

2. Organise uniforms

Arrange daily outfits in the wardrobe for the week ahead and attach hanger tags onto them for each day of the week. Or attach clothes labels to drawers for ready-to-go uniforms and activity kits.

3. Freeze school lunches in advance

Freeze batches of pre-made snacks in zip-lock bags and take out one or two the night before school, fresh for lunchtime.

Get the children involved by cooking up some yummy lunchbox treats together – try courgette and carrot-based mini muffins for a healthy snack.

4. Cut down on play dates

Kids love playing with their friends during the holidays, but too much fun and they’ll never want to go back to school. Restrict meet-ups during the last two weeks of summer; the thought of being reunited with their buddies in the classroom will suddenly seem more appealing.

5. Start a reading diary

Books are an educational way to ease your little ones back into the school routine. Set aside some reading time before bed every night and let them add a sticker to their diary every time they complete a session.

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