8 alternative Christmas trees for small spaces

Sprigs of pine in a vase | Alternative Christmas tree ideas | Tesco Living

Short on space or just fancy a change from the traditional Christmas tree? Check out these inspiring alternatives.

Baby Christmas trees

Who says you can only have one tree? Create lots of baby Christmas trees by placing sprigs of pine in glass bottles and Mason jars. They look great by themselves or decorated with miniature baubles.

Pine cone Christmas trees

On a brisk wintery walk collect a handful of pine cones and place them on candle holders for natural-looking tree-shaped table decorations. A gold or silver star stuck on top of each cone gives the perfect finish. For any leftovers, try making these cute pine cone elves.

Green pine cones in candle holders | Alternative Christmas tree ideas | Tesco Living

Fairy light Christmas tree

Who said your Christmas tree has to be 3D? For the ultimate space saving alternative, attach fairy lights to the wall using washi tape in a tree shape, hang mini decorations from the wires then complete with a shiny gold star on top.

Flashing fairy light Christmas tree | Alternative Christmas tree ideas | Tesco Living

Stepladder Christmas tree

For a cool, industrial-style Christmas tree put your step ladder to use. Just wrap lights, tinsel or foliage around the steps, hang a few baubles from the frame and put your presents underneath.

Wooden stepladder dressed as a Christmas tree | Alternative Christmas tree ideas | Tesco Living

Minimalist Christmas tree

Prefer to keep Christmas cool and minimalist? Create your own stripped back (literally) Christmas tree using a few bare branches in a glass vase, with hanging baubles and fairy lights providing a yuletide touch. You could spray the branches white, silver or gold to go with your festive theme.

White branches decorated with baubles | Christmas decorations | Tesco Living

Driftwood Christmas tree

Using a painted canvas or wooden board, line up your pieces of driftwood in size order, starting from the largest at the bottom and using the smallest at the top. Mount your driftwood Christmas tree on a wall or rest against a fireplace and decorate with LED lights.

Paper Christmas trees

Spend an afternoon with the kids crafting mini festive trees to dot around the house. Try this gorgeous paper Christmas tree made using an old book, or these easy leftover wrapping paper trees.

Red and green paper Christmas tree shapes | Leftover wrapping paper Christmas trees | Tesco Living

Wall sticker Christmas tree

When you’re trying to make a small home look Christmassy, tree-shaped wall decals are ideal. Either buy one online or create a geometric tree shape using Japanese washi tape, which is easy to peel off when the New Year arrives. Decorate with fairy lights, tinsel and bauble-shaped stickers.

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