6 clever ways to save money on utility bills

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Cut down on your monthly outgoings with these simple money-saving tips.

1. Get more heat from your radiators

Stick strips of tin foil to the wall behind the radiator – shiny side facing out – so the heat will bounce off back into the room, reducing your heating bills.

Keeping furniture away from radiators will help ensure they are as efficient as possible, too.

2. Half flush toilets

Fill up an empty squash or pop bottle with water or sand and place it inside the toilet's cistern tank away from the stopcock. Every time you flush, the loo will use less water.

3. Switch off at the mains

Switch off your gadgets at the wall and don't leave them on standby. It might take a bit longer to start up when you come to watch your favourite TV shows, but it’ll save you a few pennies.

4. Make a draft excluder

Use a rolled-up towel as a makeshift draught excluder and stop warm air from escaping under the doors. Or make your own one from old clothes; simply cut one of the legs from an old pair of old jeans, sew one end closed and stuff with old rags or the filling from old pillows or duvets. To finish, just sew up the other end.

5. Wash on cool

Whilst doing the laundry, set your washing machine to a 30°C wash, and always do a full wash. One full load uses much less energy than two half loads. The same goes for your dishwasher

6. Organise your freezer

Stack items as much as you can to make the most of the space – it will actually cut your energy use and save some cash. When you run low on items, pop a bottle or two of water or some ice packs in to bulk out your frozen food

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