Easy ways to save money on your holiday

Someone packing a suitcase | Save money on your holiday | Tesco Living

Got the travel bug but short on funds? Make sure you follow these money-saving tips to keep your holiday on budget.

Save cash on train fares

Booking train tickets in advance cuts down the price, and sometimes, buying two off-peak singles instead of an anytime return, can also help save some cash. For regular travellers, see if you are legible for a railcard.

House swapping schemes

Enjoy holidays anywhere in the world by switching homes with another family. The schemes do have a cost involved (but are cheaper than some hotels or resorts). Try using lovehomeswap.com (from £12 per month), or the one that everyone is talking about, airbnb.

Travel out of season

Avoid peak periods to save the most money when you’re going on holiday. Cheap times include just before Easter in spring or, if you don’t have kids, after the back to school date in autumn.

Fly indirect

If you’ve got the flexibility and the time, opt to fly to your destination via an indirect route. Flight comparison websites such as skyscanner.com will let you narrow your search down to these types of flights, so it’s easy to find the best bargains.

Beat baggage fees

Always check the weight of your bags before flying to avoid getting caught out by heavy luggage fees. If you’re only going on a short trip, consider taking everything you need in your hand luggage – for the secret to checking the weight of your luggage, see these packing hacks.

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