6 Mother's Day crafts to make for free

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Free downloadable colouring-in printable card templates for children to make for Mother's Day.

1. DIY gratitude jar

Fill an old jam jar or Mason jar with mini hand-written notes explaining the many reasons why your mum is so special.

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A jar being filled with handwritten notes | Gratitude jar | Tesco Living

2. Drinking straw flowers

Here’s an easy way to make your mum’s breakfast in bed special. Simply poke a cupcake case followed by a petit four case over a normal drinking straw for a floral finish. Perfect for morning juice.

3. Printable Mother’s Day cards

No need to spend hours in the shops hunting for the perfect Mother’s Day card. These printable cards are free to download. Print them out on some fancy paper and colour them in.

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4. Paper flower bouquet

Using crepe or tissue paper, cut out some petal shapes and carefully glue them to some florist’s wire, slightly overlapping each new petal onto the last one until it looks like a flower. After you’ve made a bunch, present them in a vase or jam jar decorated with a hand-tied ribbon.

Pink paper flower bouquet in a vase | Free Mother's Day crafts | Tesco Living

5. Easy bracelets

Take three long strips of crepe paper (around 50cm long) and twist the ends together with tape. Braid the strips until they’re half the original length, then twist and tape the other ends together.

Glue each end onto a single bead so that you’ve got a circular loop the right size to fit over your hand without falling off, and coat the crepe paper in varnish or sealer.

6. Mother’s Day IOU tokens

Check out these free printable IOU tokens – Mum can claim favours like breakfast in bed, a week’s worth of washing up or just a big old cuddle whenever she likes. Prefer to come up with your own good deeds? Print the blank tokens instead.

Mother's Day IOU printable tokens | Mother's Day poems and card ideas | Tesco Living

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