6 unexpected uses for stale bread

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Don’t waste those stale loaves of bread – they can fix a huge range of housekeeping horrors.

1. Use bread to clean your walls

An old slice of bread is a kitchen cupboard staple and makes a brilliant natural eraser for grubby fingerprints or scuffmarks on paintwork, just give the marks a quick rub.

2. Clean your coffee grinder

Clean the coffee grinder by pulsing stale bread for a few seconds. It'll magically absorb all the coffee grounds stuck in the system - try this cleaning trick with your Nutribullet or blender.

3. Banish the burnt taste from food

Boiled the rice for too long? Avoid a cooking disaster by layering a couple of slices over the top of the rice, put the lid on for a few minutes and then remove. The burnt taste will have magically disappeared.

4. Freshen up food

Simple food storage hacks can make your food last longer. Put a slice of stale bread in the fridge drawer to keep salads, fruit and veg crunchy - it will soak up any sogginess.

Pop chunks in a bag of brown sugar or in a container of cakes, too, to keep them fresh.

5. Chop an onion without crying

Wrap a piece of stale bread over the blunt edge of your knife up to the handle and the bread will absorb the chemical released that makes you cry.

6. Thicken sauces

Blitz up stale bread in a food processor and add to stews, casseroles, soups and sauces to thicken up a watery dish. You can also freeze breadcrumbs in case you don’t use them all in one go.

Stale bread: you’re our hero

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