How to celebrate Bonfire Night without fireworks

Illustration of street with fireworks | Ideas to celebrate Bonfire Night | Tesco Living

If you don't fancy going out into the cold, try these firework-free ideas to do indoors.

Magical lights

Give your home or garden a magical look using electric tea lights with these ‘starry night’ glow jars. Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Firework art

This is a fun craft activity for the kids to create their own firework display; drop brightly coloured blobs of paint onto a piece of paper, and then blow through a straw onto the paint so that it spreads in different directions.

Bonfire Night food

Make some delicious edible sparklers with plain biscuit fingers by dipping them in melted chocolate before rolling them in sprinkles. You can also use chocolate fingers; dip one end in some hot water to melt the chocolate before rolling in the sprinkles.

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Chocolate covered biscuit fingers | Bonfire Night ideas | Tesco Living

Rocket toys

You’ll find most of the ingredients in the recycling bin or craft box, and kids will enjoy building a rocket. Attach to a stick and leave the kids to play.

See the step-by-step instructions for DIY rocket launchers

Colourful cardboard toy rockets | How to make a rocket launcher | Tesco Living

Doughnut bobbing

A fun alternative to apple bobbing; hang a number of ring doughnuts from lengths of string, then get everyone to try and grab one using just their mouths.

Super safe indoor sparklers

  • Cut a 4x4-inch section of tissue paper
  • Make thin cuts in the paper leaving around an inch at the top uncut
  • Using one end of the uncut section as a starting point, roll the paper up as tightly as you can
  • Tuck the uncut end inside a straw and secure with a piece of sticky tape
  • Fan out the strips and let the kids wave them around like real sparkler

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