How to get fit on your commute to work

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Make some small changes to your morning commute to help improve your fitness

Stand up

Standing up on buses and trains engages your abdominal muscles to help you balance. Avoid holding on to rails when you can for an extra challenge that will help tone your core.

Squeeze your muscles

Swap slumping for sitting up straight and pulling your tummy muscles in to help tone them. Clenching your bottom muscles will also do the same for your glutes.

Power walk or run

Add a healthy dose of cardio to your day by power walking or running to and from work or for part of your journey. If you drive, see if you can park a little further from work and power walk the rest of the way.

Swap walking for cycling

Cycling is excellent if your commute is a short distance. Why not try skating or travelling by scooter instead for a speedy commute.

Pelvic floor exercises

Do some clench and release exercises on your commute – no one can see you doing them – and if you do it regularly, it will become a habit. For tips and advice on to how to do pelvic floor exercises, see NHS Direct.

Buy a backpack

Replace your bag with a small backpack designed for movement. It’ll be big enough to carry around small essentials, but leave bulkier items like work shoes in the office.

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