How to prevent moth damage

Clothes hangers with bag of lavender | Prevent moth damage | Tesco Living

Prevent pesky moths from damaging your clothes with our handy storage and cleaning tips.

1. Keep your wardrobe clean

Hoover your wardrobe every couple of weeks and let some light in, to prevent the larvae (worm-like baby moths) from munching through your clothes.

Another top tip is to wash all the items that you store together at the same time to prevent contamination.

2. Use scented drawer bags

Scented lavender bags are easy to make – and moths hate the smell as much as we like it. Plus they keep everything smelling fresh.

3. DIY plastic vacuum bags

Save your pennies by making your own vacuum bags to protect clothes from moth damage. Fold clean clothes and place in a bin liner. Put your vacuum nozzle in the top of the bag and seal with your hand. Switch on and watch it shrink to a fraction of the size, then just seal with an elastic band.

4. Freeze clothes

Kill off any larvae by placing the piece of clothing in a plastic bag, seal and leave in the freezer for 24 hours.

5. Don't store dirty garments

Moths and their larvae are attracted to dirty, sweaty clothes, so if you don't want to end up with munch-holes in your favourite jumper, only store clean clothes in your wardrobe.

6. Brush your coats

Hang your coats out on a sunny day and beat and brush thoroughly, concentrating on hidden areas like under the collar and the seams. This will help to kill eggs and larvae so there's no need to fork out on expensive dry cleaning before storing wooly coats away until next winter.

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