Brilliant campfire games to enjoy for free

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Make your camping trip a memorable one with these classic family-friendly games for gathering around a campfire.

Guess the tune

It’s handy if you’ve got a musician at camp for this one, but humming works just as well. Choose a theme based on the age of your campers – nursery rhymes for little ones or classic songs from a particular decade for grown-ups – and take turns guessing the tune.

Alphabet backwards

Get stopwatches at the ready and compete to see who’s the fastest at going through the alphabet backwards. This is more fun and confusing than you’d think! Winners get extra toasted marshmallows.

Group storytelling

Make storytelling a group activity by sitting around the campfire and taking turns to add a few lines each. Spooky stories are always fun, but not always the best idea for kiddie campers!

Wink murder

Nominate one person as the detective, who should then close their eyes while the rest of you silently decide who the murderer is. When they’ve been chosen, the murderer must wink at other campers to ‘kill’ them without the detective noticing.

Mosquito bites

Give everyone in camp a sheet of red dot stickers and set a challenge to place as many ‘bites’ as possible on fellow campers without them noticing. Get spotted biting someone and you’ll have to stick the dot on yourself. Whoever’s been bitten least by the end of the evening is the winner.

The name game

A great game for adults and teens to play together: choose a first name, then take turns naming as many famous people with that first name as possible. When someone gets stuck, they’re out and the rest of you can pick a new name.

Sleeping bag race

Like the classic sack race, but with sleeping bags. Use a stick as the finish line and watch the most sensible of adults fall and wriggle like worms to cross the line!

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