7 budget birthday party ideas for kids

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Throw a brilliant children's birthday party on a budget with these great ideas.

1. DIY Piñata party

Make your own piñata using a papier-mâchéd balloon, decorated in bright colours and filled with sweets. Watch our video to find out how to make one.

Tip: Cut a plastic bottle in half and use the bottle mouth as a makeshift funnel to get the sweets in the balloon.

2. DIY drinks labels

Create cute name labels on the straw of each party guest’s drink. The cups will double as place cards when it comes to the birthday meal, so there’ll be no arguments about who gets to sit next to who.

3. Water park fun

Create a DIY water park with a slip ’n’ slide made from a roll of heavy duty bin liners, washing up liquid and lots of water – guaranteed to be a hit.

Add water balloons and some cheap bubble wands, which the kids can take home as gifts.

4. Party bag ideas

‘Make your own’ party bags are not only cheaper, they also mean extra fun at the party. Fill them with crayons, colourful paper and a few sweeties for a simple but sweet leaving gift for children or homemade hot chocolate jars for older kids.

5. Balloon avalanche

Trap a load of balloons using bin bags and masking tape in an open door frame, then get the birthday boy or girl to break through and release them to let everyone know the party’s started.

6. Cupcake case garlands

String a mix of unused cupcake cases on some colourful thread and hang it over the party table, or make this easy daisy bunting using loo roll tubes, for homemade party decorations that won’t break the bank.

7. Recycling challenge

Spread some empty boxes, bottles and cartons around on a few tables with some crafting tools and paints, and give the children a themed creation challenge like making a rocket or bird feeder.

The kids can learn about recycling while making a crafty souvenir to take home.

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