7 easy Halloween costume ideas

Couple wearing skeleton costumes | DIY Halloween costume ideas | Tesco Living

There’s no need to buy an outfit – try these DIY Halloween costumes you can put together using things you already own.

1. Easy skeleton costume

  • Snip a ‘ribcage’ shape out of a fitted black t-shirt
  • Wear over a white top with black trousers
  • Paint your face white and ‘decorate’ with black eyeliner like above, or follow this this video below

Need a skeleton mask instead? Download our free traditional skeleton mask or go trendy and try our 'dead man walking' mask or Mexican sugar skull mask.

2. Head-on-a-plate Halloween costume

  • Cover a large, stiff cardboard square with a tablecloth
  • Glue on disposable place settings, adding a platter in the middle with a hole for your head
  • Pop an apple in your mouth and accessorise with fake blood

3. Easy-peasy eyeball

  • Cut two large circles out of a double sheet and sew or velcro together, leaving holes for head, arms and legs
  • Stuff with newspaper until you have something resembling a sphere
  • For a pupil glue on a large black circle made of card or material, adding veins with a red pen

4. Lego brick fancy dress costume

  • Glue six identical plastic bowls onto the front of a large cardboard box
  • Paint the whole thing red or yellow
  • Cut some armholes at the side, one at the top to push your head through, and another hole at the bottom, so you can ‘wear’ your brick
  • Accuracy fans can write ‘Lego’ on the bottom of each bowl

5. Halloween mummy costume

  • Soak five teabags in a washing-up bowl of warm water
  • Soak two old double sheets in the liquid
  • Dry and tear into strips
  • Wrap around your body, adding a few knots and frays and leaving space across eyes and mouth

6. Zombie Halloween costume

  • Make some fake blood out of golden syrup, warm water, red food colouring and corn flour
  • Shred the hems of an old outfit and rub it with dirt or brown eye make-up
  • Add a few leaves and twigs to backcombed hair, and make your face white using talc powder
  • Smudge brown eye-shadow round your eyes, adding the fake blood to your chin and hands
  • Now stumble around to nail the look

7. Halloween spider costume

  • To make the spider legs, cut off the legs of two pairs of old black tights and fill with scrunched-up newspaper
  • Tie the ends and safety-pin or sew to the sides of a black top
  • Wear with black skinny trousers to complete the look

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