7 devilishly easy Halloween party ideas

Favour bags filled with sweets in shape of pumpkin | Halloween party ideas | Tesco Living

From edible fake blood to spooky souvenirs, these Halloween hacks will make your party a scream.

Pumpkin sweetie bags

Make some mini treats for kids to take home. Cut a circle of orange tissue paper, place some sweets in the centre and gather up the outer edges and twist. Then wrap the end in green washi tape or green paper secured with glue.

Halloween blood punch

Every party needs a punch bowl. Make yours red with berry-flavoured juice and keep it chilled with a grisly hand-shaped ice cube – a rubber glove filled with water and frozen – to make it look like there’s a severed hand floating in a bloody bowl.

Jug of water and plastic glove | Essential Halloween party kit for kids | Tesco Living

Halloween fake blood

Going for the Dracula look? Make fake blood that actually tastes good by mixing together golden syrup, cornflour and red food colouring. Dilute it with water until it’s the perfect consistency and you’ll have convincing blood that’s delicious enough to turn your guests into vampires.

Frightening face painting tutorials

Guaranteed to turn heads at a Halloween party. Keep it simple with a basic spider’s web design, or go all out and become a witch’s cat, a terrifying ghoul or a red devil.

Easy pumpkin carving

Carving your own pumpkin is easy with these useful pumpkin carving templates. As well as the classic jack-o-lantern design, try carving difficult designs like cats, bats and skeletons.

Pumpkin treat bucket

Serve up your Halloween snacks from a DIY treat bucket, made by cutting a pumpkin in half and hollowing it out. Fill with spooky sweets or use it as a drinks cooler by filling it with ice and adding your bottles and cans.

Pumpkin filled with sweets | Halloween party ideas | Tesco Living

Ghoulish party bags

Give your guests one last Halloween fright with a creepy hand-shaped party bag. Fill a plastic glove with sweets and miniature horrors like rubber spiders, snakes and rats for a memorable end to your ghostly gathering.

Candy inside plastic gloves | Essential Halloween party kit for kids | Tesco Living

Eyeball beer pong

Add a scary element to this fun party game by decorating the ping-pong ball to look like an eyeball. Use marker pens to draw on a black pupil and remember to include lots of eerie red blood vessels.

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