Money-saving tips for winter

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With higher household bills and lots of festivities, winter can be an expensive time. Use these tips to save money throughout the big chill.

Warm up by cooking

Leave your microwave or oven door open after you've finished cooking to let the toasty air warm up the room – and avoid turning the heating up to a more expensive setting to save money on your heating bills.

Switch energy providers

If you pay your energy bills by direct debit, your account may well be in credit after the warmer summer months. Switch now and you could get cash from your old supplier as well as benefiting from a better energy deal.

Make microwavable hand warmers

Odd socks in your drawer? Put them to good use and make reusable pocket warmers using dry rice. Watch our video for an easy tutorial.

Book train tickets early

Pre-book any train journeys in advance. If you qualify, make sure you’ve got a railcard to save a third on all tickets.

Exercise at home

Rather than heading out into the cold for an expensive gym session, cancel your membership and get fit in your own living room. There are loads of exercises you can do at home for free, plus you’ll warm up by getting active, saving on central heating.

Drop your thermostat at night

Leaving the heating on all night to prevent waking up in a chilly house is expensive and unnecessary – you’re already wrapped up in a warm duvet! Set your thermostat to come on half an hour before you get up to benefit from toasty radiators in the morning without overheating at night.

Open a new savings account

Start your new year the clever way by opening a savings account with a good interest rate and make a resolution to deposit spare cash into it every month. You’ll be able to afford that dream holiday in no time.

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