Easy ways to save money in autumn

Children holding blackberries | How to save money in autumn | Tesco Living

Approach autumn armed with these tips to save money on heating bills, travel and other essentials.

Weatherproof your home

Get your home ready for the colder months ahead with a little bit of winter prep. Try making your own draught excluders to fill any gaps where chilly breezes can sneak in.

It's also a good idea to bleed your radiators and ensure they’re working efficiently, to save money on your heating bills

Get on your bike

Save money on car fuel, reduce your carbon footprint and get some exercise all at once. Lots of employers offer a Cycle-to-Work scheme, which enables you to buy bikes and accessories tax-free. Now you can cancel that expensive gym membership.

Sell clothes for cash

De-clutter your wardrobe and make a bit of cash by selling last season's unwanted clothes. Try putting them on eBay or Depop, and only pay a small fee.

Go foraging

Autumn is a great time for foraging and fruit picking (on public land only and for your own use – not for selling). Look out for damsons and blackberries on hedgerows to make a delicious crumble or jam, and sweet chestnuts for roasting. Why not make a day of it and turn it into a nature hunt for the kids

Cook meals at home

If summer is a time for pub lunches and meals out, autumn is a time to cook up some hearty family dinners at home. Use the Tesco Real Food meal planner to plan your meals in advance, avoiding expensive impulse buys and reducing the amount of food you waste

Plan school lunches

Save on school dinners and make sure your kids are getting their 5-a-day by preparing some healthy packed lunches in advance instead. Check out these brilliant lunchbox ideas for inspiration.

Grab some bargains for Christmas

Start your Christmas shopping early, as retailers often ramp up their prices just before the holiday season.

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