7 money-saving tips for spring

Spring clean your finances and make your cash go further with these smart money-saving tips.

Spring clean your wardrobe

De-clutter your wardrobe and organise a clothes swap day with friends, or make a bit of extra cash by selling your clothes online.

Save on water bills

Save money tending to your garden with a water butt. Use a large plastic bin or storage box to collect water every time it rains. If you place it under a drainpipe you'll also collect rainwater from the guttering, which you can also use to water your garden.

Prevent pest infestation from your home

Sealing up any vents in your house is a smart move in spring. Birds and rodents will be looking for nesting sites, and by sealing them you’ll avoid hundreds of pounds in pest removal costs.

Grow fruit and veg in your kitchen

Make your meals more exciting by using seasonal spring produce grown in your kitchen. Fresh basil is really quick to grow, and ideal for adding to pasta dishes or creating your own pesto. Tomatoes don't require too many green-fingered skills either and can grow in a sunny spot on your windowsill.

Save on dog care

Need a hand with walkies? Sites like BorrowMyDoggy are great for finding local pooch fans that are keen to spend time with your dog. There’s a small sign-up fee, but it’s much cheaper than similar dog-walking and minding services. Alternatively, team up with dog-walking friends and take it in turns to help each other out.

Be clever with leftovers

Cut down on food waste and jazz up a spring salad with homegrown herbs. Cuttings from leftover herbs can also be re-planted for your very own mini herb garden to help you save cash in the long run.

Enjoy the outdoors for free

With winter over, make the most of the warmer weather and have a family day out for free. You could organise a sports day in your local park with friends and family. Or take a trip to your local 'pick your own' farm. It will entertain the kids, and you'll leave with a bucket full of delicious hand-picked fruit and veg.

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