7 stylish decorating ideas for a small bedroom

Small bedroom painted in lilac | Small bedroom decorating ideas | Tesco Living

Turn your small bedroom into a trendy, tranquil retreat with these ingenious décor ideas for tiny spaces.

Floating shelves

Use shelves instead of a chest of drawers for more space. Use old wicker boxes and attach them to the walls or swap a bedside table for a floating shelf and paint the ‘legs’ of the table on to the wall to save valuable floor space.

Switch up your lighting

Swap standing lamps and bedside table lamps for wall lighting to save space. For a thrifty and space-saving idea, attach a set of fairy lights or repurpose white Christmas lights around the room instead.

Headboard alternatives

Lose the headboard to create more space and replace with a collection of pictures. This means you can free up space on your desk or windowsill where photo frames may live.

Folding furniture

A smart way to deal with a small bedroom is to have a folding chair you can store in your wardrobe or invest in a butler tray that can be used as a night stand, breakfast tray or a mini display unit.

Repurpose a shoe organiser

Attach a shoe organiser to the back of your bedroom door or to free wall to store other pieces of clutter such as toiletries, hairdryers, hair straighteners and jewellery.

Use colours to give the illusion of space

Maximise the sense of space with light colours such as pastel blue and lilac.

Hide dirty laundry

A laundry bag hung onto the back of your bedroom door makes it easy to tidy away your old clothes and gives you more space.

Use hooks to clear clutter

Attach self-adhesive hooks or old doorknobs to the top of a wall to create hanging pegs for lamps, pictures, bags and more.

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