10 easy tricks to show off your cakes and bakes

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Inspired by the baking boom? Here's how to have an afternoon tea at home without splashing the cash.

Printable cake toppers

If you’ve taken some inspiration from the trend for all things baking and made a classic Victoria sponge, make a statement with a personalised cake topper, spelling out anything you like with these printable cake bunting templates. Short on time? Download and print our pretty pastel mini flag cake toppers to make shop-bought cupcakes look instantly more appealing.

Cereal topper

Be inspired by cornflake cakes and sprinkle some of your favourite childhood cereals over your bake to make the perfect crunchy topper. Colourful cereals will give your cake a showstopper feel, but plain versions will still add a delicious crunch.

DIY doily cupcake wrappers

Don’t plump for plain and boring cupcake holders – make your own fancy versions instead using doilies to give your home bakes an elegant twist. See how to make doily cupcake wrappers.

Doilies wrapped around cupcakes | How to make doily cupcake wrappers | Tesco Living

Printable cake stencils

We've got a variety of printable stencils – perfect for all bakes, from huge sponge cakes to individual cupcakes. Cut out the letters or numbers and then place them on the cake before covering with sprinkles, icing sugar or cocoa powder – or whatever takes your fancy!

Download our stencils

Alphabet and number cake stencils

Download cupcake stencils

Download large cake stencils

Marshmallow icing

If you’re short on time but still want to ice your cupcakes, pop a marshmallow on the top of each one for the last three minutes of baking (or until the marshmallow has melted). Deliciously iced cakes in an instant!

DIY cake stand

There’s no need to buy a fancy cake stand for your afternoon tea: create your own unique version using old crockery that was destined for the bin. Find out how to make your own cake stand

A tiered cake stand building up using crockery wiit hcakes added on | How to make a tiered cake stand | Tesco Living

Lace design icing

Decorating a cake doesn’t have to stop at royal icing and a few sprinkles. Up the ante on your plain bake by placing a doily on top and shaking icing sugar all over, using a sieve. Lift the doily off to reveal a fuss-free lace-effect pattern.

How to fix a cake fail

If you’ve had a baking nightmare, don’t throw it in the bin because you can easily transform it into something new. Use broken up sponge in a trifle, or blitz them up and make them into cake pops. No one will ever know!

Paper plate cookie box

Entertaining this weekend? Pop leftover bakes and biscuits in a cookie box made from a paper plate, which you can then hand out to your friends as gifts.

Box of cookies | How to make a paper plate cookie gift box| Tesco Living

Quick cake toppers

If you’ve bought or baked a plain sponge, raid your kitchen cupboard to decorate the top in a unique way. Chopped nuts, mini marshmallows and dried fruit all make for a much more beautiful cake.

Try drizzling lemon curd (heated on the stove) or melted chocolate over your cake and toppings for a delicious twist.

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