7 ways to save money in summer

Follow these money-saving tips to make your cash go further this summer

1. Sort your utilities

Plumbers often offer discounted rates during summer - a good opportunity to get your boiler working more efficiently.

Summer is also a perfect time to switch utility providers as companies tend to put prices up at the beginning of autumn.

2. Unplug your gadgets

Unplug the tumble drier and hang your clothes outside to save money on your electricity bill all summer long.

Ditto with TVs and games consoles – do something outside that costs nothing.

3. Pre-book day trips

Don’t get stung with hefty prices at the gates of theme parks and other attractions. With increased competition during the school holidays, vouchers and coupons are easy to track down online, and it’s usually much cheaper to book in advance. Try Tesco Clubcard to exchange points for vouchers.

4. Turn off your data

Turn off your phone data before you go abroad to avoid a nasty surprise when you get your bill. Using free Wi-Fi in cafes and hotels will save you loads.

5. Go on a camping holiday

Camping with a group of friends is an extra memorable way to get a cheap holiday; book a patch together and you’ll usually get a decent discount on campsite fees. It needn’t be uncomfortable either, with these clever camping hacks.

6. Swap some plants

Online gardening community GreenPlantSwap is free to join and lets you exchange plants with other users. If you're particularly green-fingered you can even make money from your garden by growing and selling your seedlings.

7. Plant flowers

Instead of buying expensive shop-bought blooms, grow your own wild flowers to enjoy. Outside they will bring colour and support your local bee population and inside – many are suitable for indoor growing – they will bring the sweet scent of summer.

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