7 inspiring ways to upcycle old clothes

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Update your wardrobe with these easy tutorials to customise your clothes and shoes.

1. DIY glitter heels

You won’t believe how easy it is to jazz up an old pair of heels with a touch of sparkle.

Discover how to upcycle a party outfit with these easy tips

2. How to restyle an old cardigan with embellishments

Transform a drab cardigan with some spare fabric – et voilà, a fabulous new cardi!

Watch our quick tutorial on how to upcycle an old cardigan

3. How to upcycle an old shirt

Find out how to transform an old shirt and make a big fashion statement with this clever upcycling hack.

4. How to add elbow patches to an old jumper

Possibly the easiest and coolest way to give a jumper or cardigan a touch of style.

How to upcycle an old jumper

5. How to make reusable hand warmers

There is always one odd sock leftover from the laundry, where does it go? Well, never mind because we have a brilliant new way to turn a sock into a reusable hand warmer.

Watch the video on how to make handwarmers

6. How to upcycle a beanie hat

A brilliant holiday activity for the kids, get them to customise their beanies with pom poms and felt to create an adorable animal face.

How to turn a beanie hat into an animal face beanie hat

7. How to turn an old jumper into a cushion cover

Have an old jumper that you just can’t throw away? Upcycle it by turning it into a cosy cushion cover with this tutorial.

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