8 clever Christmas decoration storage hacks

Colourful Christmas baubles in tissue paper | Christmas decoration storage hacks | Tesco Living

Try these smart storage tips to minimise breakages and make the festive season easier next year.

1. Easy Christmas tree storage

If you’ve got an artificial tree, wrap cling film tightly around the folded branches to make it easier to store in its original box.

2. Bauble boxes

Egg boxes and crisp tubes are perfect for keeping delicate baubles in, especially when they’re wrapped in leftover wrapping paper first.

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Christmas baubles in egg boxes | Christmas decoration storage hacks | Tesco Living

3. Fragile decoration storage

Knitted and fabric Christmas stockings are perfect for keeping fragile and homemade decorations.

4. Beaded garland bottles

Feed the garlands into empty plastic bottles and pop the lid on until next year when you can simply pour them out again. If you’re worried about getting them out again, simply keep one end out of the bottle and use sticky tape to seal it in.

String of red beads in plastic bottle | Decoration storage hacks | Tesco Living

5. Festive tinsel tins

Empty biscuit tins make ideal storage containers for tinsel. To prevent tinsel from tangling, wrap them around paper towel tubes first.

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6. Tangle-free Christmas lights

Wrap fairy lights around a wire hanger or a piece of cardboard before storing them snugly inside a waterproof container and avoid spending hours untangling them next year.

Lights wrapped around a hanger | Christmas decoration storage hacks | Tesco Living

7. Christmas stock labels

Label your containers of leftover Christmas cards, gift tags and wrapping paper with the number of items you have before you put them away. Next year you can just top up what you already have.

8. Wreath hanger

Hang your wreath on a wire hanger, pop over a bin liner and poke the hanger through the top of the bag. Seal off the bottom and hang it up until next year.

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