How to save money on heating bills

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Blogger Miss Thrifty gives us some ideas on how to reduce those dreaded heating bills.

Use bubble wrap as insulation

This cheap plastic is brilliant for preventing drafts from windows and still lets light through. Cut the bubble wrap to size, then spray the window with water before placing it, bubbly side down, across the glass. The larger the bubbles, the better.

Make hand warmers

Odd socks in your drawer? Turn them into microwavable hand warmers so you avoid turning the heating on or up. Watch the how-to video below.

Make an outdoor heater from terracotta pots

Use this simple terracotta flower pot idea to warm up a winter garden party without using costly gas heaters. The candles will heat the air, which escapes though the gaps in the top and bottom of the pot.

Flower pots on bricks with candles | Outdoor heater using flower pots | Tesco Living

Four-minute showers

Reduce the time you spend in the shower to four minutes and you can save up to £120 per year (based on a four-person household). Use an egg timer, an alarm on your smartphone or a shower timer that sticks to tiles.

For free products to help you become more efficient with water, visit Save Water Save Money.

Maximise winter sun

Keep curtains or blinds open on the south and west sides of your home during the day and allow the natural sunlight to warm your home.

Dial back your thermostat

You can save roughly 3% on your heating bill for every degree you turn down on your thermostat. Give it a go and see how much money you can save.

Give your home an Energy Check

Get a personalised report with tips on how to reduce your heating bills with this online tool from the Energy Saving Trust.

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