Easy DIY Christmas wrapping paper ideas

Gifts wrapped in parcel paper with tree print | DIY wrapping paper | Tesco Living

Trying to save some cash this Christmas? Be inspired by these simple but special homemade gift wrap ideas and what to do with leftover paper.

Potato printing

Pick up some extra spuds when you’re shopping for Christmas dinner and use them to print your own Christmas paper – the kids can help with this craft idea too.

  • Cut a potato in half, press a Christmas tree shaped cookie cutter into one of the cut sides
  • Cut the excess potato flesh away and remove the cutter to reveal the tree shape
  • Press the tree shape face down in paint, then lift off and press onto plain brown parcel paper
  • Repeat all over the paper to create your own patterned wrapping paper

Washi tape gift wrap

This colourful Japanese craft tape is great for adding minimalist patterns and geometric Christmas shapes to plain parcel paper.

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Blackboard wrap

Use a chalk pen to draw your own designs onto plain black wrapping paper. Try sketching holly leaves, mistletoe, or snowflakes – or write a personal message – then complete with a festive ribbon or bow.

Gifts wrapped in black paper with white drawings | DIY wrapping paper | Tesco Living

Map wrap

Maps make beautiful, colourful and adventurous wrapping paper. Perfect for gifting the travellers and explorers in your life. Sheet music also makes beautiful gift wrap, too.

Polka dot paper

All you need is a cheap pencil with an eraser on the end. Just dip it in some paint and use it to print polka dots all over plain wrapping paper.

Leftover wrapping paper crafts

Make use of any leftover scraps of paper by turning them into something fabulous. Download our free templates and follow the instructions to make some festive bunting, pretty paper bows or these cute heart envelopes.

Assorted crafts using wrapping paper | DIY wrapping paper ideas | Tesco Living

Alternative gift tags

Use leftover scrap of paper to use as gift tags. Cut out the letters spelling the lucky recipient’s name and stick directly onto plain or brown paper.

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