Easy World Book Day costume ideas for kids

Child reading in a costume | World Book Day costume ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Try these last-minute costume ideas for World Book Day using things from around the house.

Angelina Ballerina

Transform your child into Angelina Ballerina, the beloved dancing mouse, with just a tulle skirt and a vest. Add a bow to their hair to complete the look.

Harry Potter

Your child has probably got the basics for this costume already – a school uniform. Black trousers, a white shirt and a grey jumper with a red and gold (or yellow) tie is all you'll need. Add some round glasses and a lightning scar drawn in eye-liner for a really magical World Book Day costume!

Illustrated witch mask | Free children's Halloween masks | Tesco Living

The Wicked Witch of the West

Recycle a witch’s outfit from Halloween to create the well-known Wizard of Oz villain. Head-to-toe black clothes with a hat made from black card, plus some green face paint for extra wickedness will complete the look. No time for face paints? Download this witch mask instead.


Dress your kid like Roald Dahl’s popular child genius with a simple blue dress and white tights. A couple of books under the arm and a red ribbon in the hair will finish it off just right.

Horrid Henry

To turn your child into Horrid Henry, pick a blue jumper with yellow stripes, or tack a yellow fabric stripe on to a plain blue top. Add jeans, trainers, messy hair and a prankster prop like a whoopee cushion.

Orange fox mask template | World book day costume ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Fantastic Mr Fox

For cunning Mr Fox, use our fox mask and dress your child like the country critter in beige or brown clothes. Cut out and sew on a bushy tail with some inexpensive felt for a finishing touch. Download the fox mask here.

Where’s Wally

A red and white striped top means you’re halfway there with this classic dress-up outfit. Pair it with some jeans, pop out the lenses from some leftover 3D cinema glasses and add a red or white bobble hat to top it off.

Charlie Bucket

The easiest of the lot! All you need to turn your child into the hero from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a golden ticket – make one from some gold wrapping paper and let your kid wear their everyday weekend clothes. Sorted.

Illustrated skull mask | Free children's Halloween masks | Tesco Living


The friendly skeletons from Funnybones are easy to recreate if you’ve got a skeleton Halloween outfit lying around – if not, cut bone shapes from white paper or felt and stick to plain black clothes. Download our skeleton face mask here.

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