8 last-minute DIY birthday card ideas

Birthday cards on a shelf | Last-minute DIY birthday cards | Tesco Living

Create a personalised birthday card in minutes with one of these stylish, easy-to-make designs.

1. Birthday cake candles

Stick a row of inexpensive and colourful cake candles – even used ones of different lengths – to the front of a basic brown piece of card for a cool, minimalist birthday design.

2. Balloon message

Inflate a balloon and have a friend or family member pinch the air hole so it stays inflated while you write a message on it with permanent marker. Now let it deflate and stick it to the front of the card with a few other simple birthday decorations.

3. 3D bunting cards

Cut some small triangles out of patterned paper to look like bunting. Decorate the front of the card with them, or stick some along a length of string attached inside for 3D bunting which hangs when the card is open.

Mini bunting on a card | DIY birthday card ideas | Tesco Living

4. Melted crayons

Stick a row of crayons along the top of your card and use your hairdryer’s hottest setting to melt brightly coloured trails of wax down the front. Or grate different coloured crayons with a veg grater, then group the shavings into a heart shape on some card then blast it with the hairdryer. Now cut the heart out and stick it on the front of your card.

5. Buttons as balloons

Colourful buttons make a great vintage-inspired card. Stick a group of them on the front of your card and draw around them so they look like balloons, flowers or baubles hanging from string.

Birthday card decorated with colourful buttons | DIY birthday cards | Tesco Living

6. Vintage wallpaper cards

Scraps of patterned wallpaper can easily jazz up an ordinary birthday card. Cut out letters, numbers or shapes to create a vintage-looking collage on the front of the card.

7. Washi tape card designs

This Japanese craft tape is brilliant for making geometric patterns and shapes. Buy a few different ones and use strips to create the layers of a cake, a classic box-shaped present, or birthday candles.

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Birthday card decorated with washi tape | DIY birthday cards | Tesco Living

8. Ransom note

Create a cool ‘ransom note’ style card using letters in different fonts and sizes cut out of old newspapers and magazines to write a personalised message.

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