8 ways to keep food fresher for longer

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Minimise waste and prevent food from going stale with these clever kitchen secrets.

1. Stop bananas going brown

Separate each banana and wrap each stem in cling film. This prevents most of the ethylene gas in bananas, which causes the fruit to ripen so quickly from escaping.

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2. Fresh eggs test

If you have a carton of eggs that's been around for a while, test them before eating by filling a bowl or glass with cold water and putting the eggs in one at a time. Eggs that sink are still good to eat, but the floaters are no longer good, so throw them away.

3. Stop mushrooms from browning

Wrap them in paper towels before putting them in the fridge to stop them from going slimy.

4. How to prevent bugs in flour

Flour can sometimes become a breeding place for weevils and other nasty insects. To avoid becoming a victim of these little pests, freeze your flour after purchase for two days. This will eliminate their eggs and consequently any chance of finding bugs in your baking supplies.

5. How to store bread properly

Contrary to popular belief, keeping bread in the fridge doesn’t keep it fresh – it actually speeds up the spoiling process. Keeping bread tightly sealed in a cupboard or bread bin is your best bet. If you know you’ll take a while to eat it, freeze it or take a look at these unexpected uses for stale bread.

6. Wash berries in a vinegar solution

Increase the life of strawberries, raspberries and other berries by washing them in a mixture of vinegar and water on the day you purchase them. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and will quickly get rid of any emerging mould. Dry them off with paper towels and refrigerate in a clean container.

7. Revive wilted greens

A tub of ice water is all you need to restore the crispy texture of greens that are past their best. Soak the leaves in the tub before using and the scientific magic of osmosis will make them look and taste fresh again.

8. Decrystallise honey

You shouldn’t throw your honey away just because it’s turned cloudy or crystallised. Simply microwave it in 30-second bursts and watch it turn clear again.

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