Quick and easy ways to eat happy

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Don’t waste time wondering why you can’t stick to your healthy eating plan, these tips will help you stay on track and banish your bad eating habits for good.

What are your triggers?

  • Do you find you eat more when you’re stressed, angry or upset?
  • If you’re bored, do you wander to the fridge or kitchen cupboards?
  • Do you crave specific foods, rather than being satisfied with anything (as in real physical hunger)?
  • Do you reward yourself with food or drink, if things are going well?
  • Will you keep eating when you’re already full – or start when you’re not hungry?
  • Do you sometimes feel powerless or even fearful around food?
  • Can your favourite foods make you feel safe, like a friend?

If you answer yes to more than one of these questions, try these tips below.

Keep a food diary

A detailed food and emotions diary over a typical week or two is a good start. Note down every food and drink you have, where you were when you ate it, what you were doing and, crucially, how you were feeling.

Try the MyFitnessPal app to keep track of what you’ve eaten; it works out how many calories you’ve eaten and the calories you’ve burned. And it’s free on Android and iOS!

How to boost your willpower

It’s about saying yes to the things that move us closer to our goals and no to the things that don’t. If you’re struggling to break the habit, these 4 ways to boost your willpower will help set you on the right track.

How to sleep better

We often look for food and drink as a way to elevate our mood, but some foods can have a detrimental effect on sleep. Find out how to wake up feeling rested and refreshed – and be wary of those old wives’ tales – check out these common sleep myths we’ve debunked.

How to achive a work-life balance

If you’re constantly working through lunch or staying late, it can play havoc with your eating pattern. Not taking regular breaks means you become drained and look to sugary treats to stay alert. Tackle the problem at the root with these tips on how to achieve a work-life balance.

How to combat food cravings

If you just can’t resist the pull of the biscuit tin, try these tips on how to curb your cravings.

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