New bicarbonate of soda cleaning tips

Bicarbonate of soda and a sponge | How to clean using bicarbonate of soda | Cleaning tips

Clean and refresh your entire home using this magical kitchen cupboard ingredient.

Revive white canvas shoes

Grubby mud stains can easily be removed with a few teaspoons of bicarb mixed with a little water to create a thick paste. Rub the solution onto the shoes, leave in the sunshine to dry, then brush away.

Wash children’s toys

Hard plastic toys, like building blocks and plastic figures, will come out like new by adding a few tablespoons of bicarb to a bowl of hot water and submerging for 10 minutes. Simply rub with a sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly.

Stuck for time? You can add plastic toys to the dishwasher and soft toys to the washing machine instead.

Clean pots and pans

Bicarb is a miracle ingredient for removing burnt-on stains. Sprinkle a generous amount of bicarb into the pan, enough to cover the base, then pour over a glug or two of white vinegar.

Leave to soak and fizz for a few minutes, rinse away, then wash with hot water, soap and a sponge. Repeat for any stubborn stains.

Remove tea stains from cups

Make your mugs look good as new using a teaspoon of bicarb mixed with enough water to cover the stain. Leave it to work its magic before scrubbing with a scourer.

A stained cup, a clean cup and bicarbonate of soda | How to clean with bicarbonate of soda | Cleaning tips

Clean kitchen and bathroom stains

Eliminate water marks, grime and limescale with an easy paste made from bicarb and water. Just spread over the affected area, leave for a few moments to help loosen the stains, then scrub away.

Remove marks from walls

Great for removing kids’ crayon marks, just rub lightly with a soft sponge soaked in a mixture of water and bicarb. Stale bread also does wonders for removing grime from walls.

Banish bad smells

  • Sprinkle a teaspoon of bicarb into your dustbin every time you replace the bin liner as this will help to neutralise odours.
  • Get the smell of last night’s leftovers out of your plastic containers by soaking overnight in hot water mixed with a teaspoon of bicarb.
  • Refresh musty-smelling carpets and fabric sofas by sprinkling generously with bicarb, leaving for an hour – or overnight if you can – and simply vacuuming up.
  • Pop an open container filled with a few of teaspoons of bicarb in the fridge to absorb unpleasant smells. Or if you have half a squeezed out lemon, instead of throwing it away, fill it with bicarbonate of soda and it will do the same thing.
  • Pep up an old mattress by mixing five tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda with five drops of lavender oil. Mix and then sieve over the mattress. Leave for an hour, vacuum up and you'll sleep easy

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