Easy ways to help your child get their 5-a-day

Child eating vegetables | Your child’s 5-a-day on a budget | Tesco Living

Encourage the kids to eat more fruit and vegetables with these budget-friendly ideas.

Use cookie cutters for fruit and veg

Make fresh fruit and vegetables more appealing by turning them into fun shapes using cookie cutters. Once you've got the little ones interested, get them involved with recipes like this one for tropical fruit rockets.

Swap sweets for dried fruit

Pack dried fruit into their lunchbox for a sweet treat at break time or lunch. If they don’t like the look of it, try making these strawberry gummy snacks or fruity apricot rolls.

Prepare bite sized veggie crudités

Have ready-cut carrot, celery, red pepper and cucumber batons to hand with a healthy dip to stop their hunger pangs before dinner. Kids will love the bright colours and the manageable bite-sized pieces. These are also perfect for packed lunches.

Sneak vegetables into their favourite food

Pasta sauces are great for adding lots of nutritious veg such as peppers, courgettes, broccoli and peas, as well as plenty of fresh and tinned tomatoes.

Try swapping pasta for a vegetable alternative like courgette spaghetti or aubergine lasagne sheets. You can also replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes in lots of dishes.

Blend fruit into smoothies

Frozen fruit is ideal for this, and much cheaper than fresh. Start with a milk-based smoothie such as this super smoothie with banana, strawberries, milk and yoghurt. As their tastes develop you can sneak some veggies like cucumber or spinach into the mix, too.

Prep the ingredients beforehand in zip lock bags so you can throw the contents straight in the blender. See more speedy food prep secrets.

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