Easy Christmas crafts for kids

Child in bed decorated with Christmas bunting | DIY Christmas decorations | Tesco Living

Try these fun festive crafts to keep little ones occupied in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas bunting

A great activity for kids and parents to do together. Cut out large letters from scraps of wrapping paper that spell out ‘Christmas’. Stick the letters onto card then use small pegs to attach them to a length of string, before hanging it up in their bedroom.

If you don’t want to use wrapping paper, let the kids draw and colour in their own festive designs on plain paper instead.

Create pine cone characters

These pine cone elves are easy to make with festive pine cones and a few craft supplies. They also make a cute homemade Christmas gift for your child's teacher or school friends.

Pine cones dressed as elves | Handmade Christmas decoration ideas | Tesco Living

Make your own advent calendar

This is a fun project for kids to do before 1st December. Collect 12 cardboard loo rolls and cut each one in half so you end up with 24 tubes. Fill each tube with a sweet, chocolate coin or toy and wrap each one in wrapping paper – the thinner the paper, the better.

Glue the tubes together in six rows of four and stack them up, adding a folded cardboard roof on top to turn the calendar into a cute Christmas cottage. Cut out 24 circles of paper and write or print numbers 1-24 on them before sticking them onto the end of each tube. This is ideal for younger kids, but if you have older kids, get them involved in making this reusable advent calendar instead.

Advent calendar crafted from toilet rolls | DIY Christmas decorations | Tesco Living

DIY festive fabric garland

Use up scraps of old fabric or ribbon and get the kids to make you a vintage-style garland to hang around the tree or across the mantlepiece. Simply trim the fabric into strips and let the kids have a go at tying each one to a long length of ribbon.

Make sure you use fabric with different patterns, textures and lengths for some variation and throw in some glitter and sequins for a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Strips of patterned fabric tied to a ribbon | DIY Christmas decorations | Tesco Living

Make a Christmas penguin

If the kids adore penguins, they'll love this simple craft activity. Just cut out a penguin shape from card and let the kids paint it, then punch a few holes in the centre to thread white wool through. Once you've made this one, try some more penguin crafts.

Card penguin with white wool lacing | Craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Cupcake case angel decorations

Easy for little fingers to make, these mini angels will sit happily on a Christmas tree. To create them, all you need are wooden clothes pegs and cupcake cases. Flatten the cupcake cases into circles, then cut away a quarter of each circle.

Attach a peg to the middle, so the case becomes the angel’s wings, then decorate with glitter before finishing off with an angelic face drawn on the front tip of the peg.

Patterned cupcake cases clipped in pegs | DIY Christmas decorations | Tesco Living

Free printable hanging decorations

The easiest of the lot – download these classic Christmas characters that the kids can cut out and construct to instantly jolly up the living room.

Or try our quick 3D printable baubles to make the tree extra pretty with minimum effort.

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