Halloween t-shirts you can make at home

3 DIY Halloween t-shirt designs | DIY Halloween t-shirt ideas | Tesco Living

Throw together a frighteningly cool Halloween outfit using an old t-shirt.

Blood stained t-shirt

Pretend you’ve just escaped a zombie apocalypse with a blood stained t-shirt using ingredients you’ll already have in the cupboard. Smear on fake blood made from cornflour, water and red food colouring, then dust on cocoa powder for the full effect.

Plain white t-shirt smeared with fake blood | DIY Halloween t-shirt ideas | Tesco Living

Ice dye pumpkin t-shirt

Use the ice-dye technique to transform a plain white t-shirt into a Jack O’ Lantern. Use orange powder dye on a white t-shirt to create a pumpkin-coloured base, then draw the face on with a black marker pen or black paint.

Skeleton t-shirt

Draw the outline of a rib cage with chalk on a black t-shirt, then carefully cut out the shape with scissors. Wear layered over a plain white t-shirt to create the effect of a scary skeleton.

Black t-shirt with skeleton shapes cut out | DIY Halloween t-shirt ideas | Tesco Living

Ghoulish glow-in-the-dark t-shirt

Paint a skull face with white paint onto a black t-shirt, then layer glow-in-the-dark paint over the top of the dried white paint for an extra frightening effect when the lights go out. Minimal effort, maximum scare-factor.

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