14 family-friendly Easter bakes and makes

Children stirring cake mix | Family-friendly Easter crafts and recipes | Tesco Living

Keep the kids entertained throughout the Easter holidays with our ingenious craft ideas, and while they’re playing, have a go at our tasty Easter recipes.

Easter nest cake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Easter extravaganza of layered chocolate and a nest of moreish micro eggs.

Follow the recipe for an Easter egg nest

Easter nest cupcake building up | Easter makes and bakes | Tesco Living

Make Easter eggs with secret messages

Hide a secret Easter message for someone special with our fun egg decorating idea!

Create an Easter lamb card

Children will love to make this baa-rilliant Easter lamb card using cotton buds.

See our step-by-step lamb card tutorial

'Happy Easter' lamb card | How to make an Easter lamb card | Tesco Living

Creme egg rocky road recipe

Wow the family this Easter with our delicious creme egg rocky road recipe. The kids can help make it, too!

Build a teepee den

Perfect for little princes and princesses, find out how to make an indoor teepee den in a flash using objects from around the home.

Make a jetpack

Help your young astronauts quickly and easily create an out-of-this-world jetpack. Start the countdown!

Make an indoor car track

A roll of masking tape and a few toy cars are all you need to turn a living room carpet into a city road map for endless fun for the kids.

Indoor galaxy lantern

It might be a little on the chilly side for camping, but you can bring the stars indoors with this simple homemade hack.

Easy bee cupcakes

Fans of white chocolate will love this quick and easy bee-inspired cupcakes. Follow the recipe for bees cupcake

Bee cupcakes on a cakestand

How to make an alien army

Create an alien army using everyday items. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained!

Magic bubble wand

Create super-sized glittery bubble wands for a magical time with the kids this Easter.

1. Mix 3 cups warm water, 1 tsp glycerine, 1 tsp corn syrup and 1 full cup green washing up liquid in a shallow washing-up-bowl.
2. Add green glitter for a little sparkle.
3. To create the wand, screw small hooks to 2 pieces of wood dowel
4. Next, attach 3 lengths of string (plaited) to the hooks.
5. Dip string into the mix and release the bubbles!

Child playing with bubbles outside | How to make a bubble wand | Tesco Living

Make a bottle rocket

Blast off in a stream of bubbles with your own out-of-this-world rocket. A great way to entertain your little explorers this Easter.

Puffy paint picture

Make your Easter masterpieces jump out from the page with our guide to fun 3D paint.

Make your own elephant feet

Add some inches to your little ones with these homemade elephant feet stilts. Time to get stomping!

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