7 easy DIY lighting ideas

Glass terrarium on a table | Easy DIY lighting ideas | Tesco Living

Transform a cold room into a cosy haven with these simple but effective lighting hacks.

Homemade feature light

Create a magical glow on cold, dark nights by displaying fairy lights inside a glass terrarium or bell jar. If you don’t have either of those to hand, pop battery-operated fairy lights inside old Mason jars, vases and empty wine or spirit bottles.

Knitted glowing lanterns

The perfect way to reuse last years unwanted knits – simply cut to size and wrap around a jar or vase, before popping an electric tealight inside.

A GIF showing three glass jars on a side table with a tea light inside each one. The glass jars are then covered with a knitted sleeve before going dark so the tea lights glow.

Upscale a table lamp

Make use of leftover wrapping paper by upcycling a table lamp. Cut the wrapping paper to fit and carefully glue the sheet to the outside of your lamp.

Bold designs on thin paper work best to illuminate your room with a cosy, homely scene. Use paper with woodland or nature scenes to get that Scandi feel

Homemade glitter ball

If your friends are coming round and you want to impress without splashing the cash, create your own glitter ball effect at home for next to nothing.

Cut a sheet of glitter paper to fit and glue to the inside of your table or ceiling lampshade. Instant sparkle!

Lampshade on a table | Easy DIY lighting ideas | Tesco Living

Lightbulb lettering

Do you love the look of lightbulb letters, spelling out a name or favourite saying? You can easily get the look for less by positioning a string of fairy lights on the wall to spell out ‘love’, ‘home’ or your family’s names.

Tip: Make sure you use washi tape or stick-on wall hooks to secure the lights so that you don’t leave a mark.

Fairy light bunting

Give typically British bunting a hygge twist by replacing plain string with fairy lights. Peg your favourite family photos to the wire, between the bulbs, to really personalise your new lighting feature.

Fairy lights on a wall | Easy DIY lighting ideas | Tesco Living

Transform an empty fireplace

No fireplace? No problem! Use pillar candles in differing sizes to warm your space instead. Naked flames provide a sense of complete cosiness – and it’s surprising how much heat a few candles will give off.

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