How to organise your shed

Garden tools hanging from rake

Tripping over tools and struggling for storage? Save space, time and money with these simple ideas for creating an organised oasis

Recycle a rake

Rather than binning an old rake, why not reuse it for an attractive storage solution. Detach the head, clean thoroughly and then secure to a wall. Once in position, use the prongs as hooks for scissors, keys, secateurs and shovels.

Protect your gardening gear

This simple trick will ensure small metal tools remain rust-free and last many seasons longer than if they were left outside. Fill a bucket almost to the brim with a mixture of sand and mineral oil (baby oil is ideal) and use to store tools, handle up. For more space-saving garden tips, watch our how to make a vertical garden with a shoe organiser video.

Rolls of twine in funnels on a wall

Tame unruly twine

Never lose the end again with this clever idea for repurposing unused funnels. Secure a row of funnels to a wall or the edge of a shelf edge and put a ball of string in each one. Thread through the narrow opening at the bottom and store scissors nearby to snip off lengths as and when required.

Hidden storage

Saving old glass jars but not sure what to do with them? This simple idea will repurpose them for organising screws and nails. Clean the jar then drill three small holes into the lid and then screw it, top side up, to the underside of a table, shelf or bench. Fill the jar with your screws and twist it onto its lid to secure. See more recycling storage hacks for your garden.

DIY indoor bike rack

Secure several heavy duty hooks to the wall of your shed for a place to hang and store bikes out of the way. Measure the length of the top tube of the frame to check how far apart to space your hooks and make sure they're straight when you screw them in.

Planting planner

Losing track of what needs to be planted when? Label lengths of ribbon with the name of each month or season, and hang from a wall or ceiling. Using clothes pegs, attach relevant seed packets to the corresponding ribbon so you know when to sow your seeds.

Tip: Use a different colour ribbon for each month or season to make this hack even more effective.

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