8 back-to-school organising tips

School kit organised in a hallway | Back-to-school organisation station | Tesco Living

Chaos-proofing your home during the school term time just got 10 times easier with these hacks.

1. Make an organisation station

Set up an area near the front door for each child to store their school kit, keeping everything in one place. Mount some coat hooks at child's level so they can put their own coats away.

Before bed, refill it with essential items and write any important reminders for the next day, so the kids can pick up and go in the morning.

2. Recycle plastic bags

Keep an empty tissue box stuffed with shopping bags by the front door for the inevitable last-minute need for extra bags to carry snacks, books and swimming kits.

3. Wardrobe and drawer organiser

Make dressing up for school extra easy by arranging daily outfits in the wardrobe and attaching our free downloadable hanger tags onto them for each day of the week.

Organising tags, and even using quick reference drawer labels, mean school uniforms and activity kits are all within easy reach in one good-to-go grab.

4. School uniform laundry

A bin bag for pocket rubbish, a container for coins and other bits, a laundry bin for darks and another for lights – production lines never looked so attractive!

Stubborn stains or loose buttons? Make school uniforms last longer with these cleaning and mending hacks and try our clever stain removal hacks.

5. Makeshift command centre

Hang an inexpensive corkboard planner near the front door, dedicate a column and colour-coded pins per child. Use it to attach essential school paperwork (after-school activities, school trip info, key dates and timetables) for easy glancing.

6. Create a charging station

Use one multi-socket extension lead and leave all chargers plugged into it. Mark each cord with coloured tape and put a matching spot on its gadget. No more hunt the iPad charger.

7. School bag tags

Add a luggage tag to your child’s school bag and on it, write a list of everything that should always be in the bag. A simple way to speed-check the contents.

8. Keep homework orderly

Keep all books and jotters in old pillowcases – one per subject. They’re easier to stack, sort, move and store than ring binders or boxes – especially if colour coded!

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