Top budget decorating tips for students

A clean and tidy student bedroom with a desk and laptop beside a bed | Bedroom decorating tips for students | Tesco Living

Renting a room at university? Keep your landlord happy and make the space your own with these helpful décor hacks.

Double your wardrobe space

Place the ring pull from a drinks can over the hook of a clothes hanger to create an extra hole to hook another hanger from. Do this to all your hangers and double your wardrobe’s storage potential

Get some privacy

Nosy neighbours? Use decorative window film to keep your room nice and bright without getting spied on.

Washi tape everything

This Japanese craft tape is easy to remove and leaves no residue - perfect for getting around fussy landlords.

Try lining your shelves with patterned washi, taping colourful 2D frames around pictures, creating a DIY drawer divider or get arty and make a wall-sized mural.

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Desk with washi tape picture frames on wall | Student bedroom decorating tips | Tesco Living

Create a cosy canopy bed

Attach removable hooks to the ceiling and hang up some light curtains to make your own canopy bed/cosy den.

Stay organised

Shower caddies can hold more than just toiletries. Hang one up in your bedroom and use it as a portable shelf to store stationery, accessories and trinkets.

Make extra room under the bed

When you’ve got a tiny room, extra storage under your bed is essential. If yours is too low, get some inexpensive furniture raisers to make extra space for boxes of stuff.

Use candle alternatives

Electric tea lights are a great safe alternative to candles. Line a jar with some decorative paper and no one will know the ‘candle’ inside is a fake.

Light up your photos

String up your snaps on fairy lights using miniature clothes pegs or paper clips. By day you’ll have a photo collage that hides the unlit bulbs, and in the evenings it’s a photo-memory glow fest.

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